Instant Oats - 1000 g

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Oatmeal available flavoured or unflavoured.
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Who is BioTechUSA Instant Oats recommended for?

  • available in a variety of flavours
  • with no added sugar*
  • source of plant-based protein
  • rich in fibre
  • also available unflavoured
  • with no preservatives

*The product contains naturally occurring sugars.

Experiment to your liking with BioTechUSA Instant Oats

BioTechUSA Instant Oats is a finely-ground, oat flour-based product which, due to its consistency, offers a multitude of uses and is easy to integrate into your day-to-day life. Use it to make your morning oatmeal, add it to natural yoghurt, or your favourite smoothie or protein shake, but it is also ideal to use as the basis for desserts and pastries.

Oatmeal is a hugely popular healthy breakfast option, as it’s easy to make, nutritious, made from plant-based protein sources rich in fibre, and can be combined with a variety of fruits and seeds. If, however, should you feel the need to include some new flavours in your breakfast, Instant Oats represents an ideal solution as in addition to the unflavoured version, it’s also available in chocolate, cookies & cream, and peanut flavours. Of course, the flavoured variety doesn’t just function as oatmeal, it can also serve as the perfect ingredient for various pastries and cakes, such as a chocolate sponge-cake.

If you’re in an experimenting mood, boost your unflavoured oatmeal or protein shake combined with Instant Oats with BioTechUSA Zero Drops available in 10 different flavours.

Let's see the numbers

Per serving (100 g):

  • 404 kcal energy
  • 7.1 g fat
    • of which saturated: 1.4 g
    • 67 g carbohydrate
      • of which sugars: 0.7 g
      • 13 g protein
      • 10 g fibre

Packaging: 1000 g 

Flavor: chocolate, cookies & cream, peanut

Who should eat BioTechUSA Instant Oats?

  • Those looking to make their diet more diverse
  • Those looking to supplement their yoghurt, breakfast or post-training proteins with a carbohydrate source rich in fibre
  • Those still looking to experience sweet flavours even with low sugar content

How to store BioTechUSA Instant Oats?

Keep well-sealed, in a cool, dry place.


Mix 1 serving (100 g = 3 measuring spoons filled to the upper marking = 7 tablespoons) of powder with 200 ml of hot water or 100 ml of cold water, and let rest for 1-2 minutes. Eat at any time during the day, and combine with your favourite fruits, nuts or other spices.


CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED: Oat flakes flour (91%), fat-reduced cocoa powder (7%), flavouring, sweetener (sucralose).

COOKIES&CREAM FLAVOURED: Oat flakes flour (98%), flavourings, sweetener (sucralose).

HAZELNUT FLAVOURED: Oat flakes flour (98%), flavourings, salt, sweetener(sucralose).

Made in a plant that manufactures milk, egg, gluten, soy, crustaceans, sulphur dioxide andnuts containing foods.


Customer Reviews

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It is easy and fast, but soon knocks. From 100G to me, many doses are fundamentally lactating. I tried Cream & Cookies with great hopes, but literally no taste, na oats Se Cream or cookie or nothing. I'm eating fruits, so you can be edible. (Translated by Google)

Me tasted (Translated by Google)

I tried the chocolate and peanuts so far. Me the hazelful taste better. Reading others' opinions, I will describe that I made it. I've always eaten for breakfast after morning training.
In the evening I wondering, water, good dilute. Should be thoroughly mixed so as not to be knot. Below you to pour water because it will be injected in the morning and the whole is not a rude but it will be creamy. You can enhance enjoyment when placed in fridge for night.
I don't consider 404 kcal for many. I burn 800-850 kcalt in the morning and compared to this half past 2-2 lunches and this 100 grams of breakfast tickle to lunch. The price is also appropriate. The articles are usually much more expensive.
I do not say that I will not eat anything else because variety is also important, but I can also recommend peanuts and chocolates to everyone. (Translated by Google)

👍 to do (Translated by Google)

Delicious! 😎 to do (Translated by Google)


The porridge can be easily made, good-bye. We love it. (Translated by Google)

Go out (Translated by Google)

I used to get into the shame (40g) Blade with milk with water with pumice with Oliva Oil Frost with Izi Iz Iz Iz :) (Translated by Google)