Men's pants

Men's pants

It doesn't matter if you're training in the gym or outdoors - men for whom sports and fitness are an integral part of their lives need training pants that fit their lifestyle and offer maximum comfort in all situations. Inappropriate sportswear can restrict freedom of movement and affect performance.

What training pants do we recommend for men for specific sports?

Find the best training pants for your goals in both function and style in BioTechUSA's sportswear collection!


The most popular staple among men are sports shorts. They're comfortable, give you the right range of motion and can be paired with accessories or a matching sports top. Choose them for football training, crossfit, gym workouts or leisure activities.

Men's sweatpants

A stylish pair of sweatpants is a great choice on cooler days, even for outdoor training. The cotton fabric and a relaxed fit for maximum comfort making them ideal for wearing at home. Choose a matching tank top or shirt if you're not only into comfort, but fashion too!

Men's sports leggings

These slim-fit sports leggings are made from quick-drying, functional fabric, making them a great choice for running and cycling or for fitness with a pair of shorts. Thanks to its flexible and breathable fabric, it keeps you warm without restricting your freedom of movement.

Perfect training pants for men, for all weather conditions

Inappropriate sportswear in cold or rainy weather is not only uncomfortable but can also be harmful to your health, so it's important to choose sports trousers made of the right material.

In windy weather or on cooler days combine cotton sports leggings with shorts made from a wind- and water-resistant material. With zipped pockets you can even carry small stuff with you to the gym.

For hiking and everyday wear, long legged sweatpants made from skin-friendly cotton are ideal, but cotton absorbs and retains moisture, so they're not recommended in rainy weather.

Men's training pants from BioTechUSA

Whatever your sport of choice is, we guarantee that you'll find a staple piece to suit your goals among BioTechUSA's training pants. Whether you're looking for short training pants, leggings or casual sweatpants, you'll find them all at the BioTechUSA webshop.

Avoid a lengthy search, order your training pants online and if you're not satisfied, return your order and we'll refund the price within 14 days!