Men's T-shirts and singlets

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Men's T-shirts and singlets

Every wardrobe has one classic piece: the T-shirt. But it doesn't matter which one you choose for your workout, whether it's in the gym, outdoors or endurance sports like running or cycling. Find the right fit and material to suit your needs, so that you can feel your best during your workout.

Which is the best training T-shirt for men?

BioTechUSA sportswear has a wide selection of training shirts for men: from jerseys and athletic shirts to short and long sleeve shirts, we have the most dedicated athletes who are as interested in style as they are in fitness!

Men's singlets, tank tops

Singlets and tank tops are also deservedly popular among male athletes, as they not only provide proper air permeability during workouts, but also allow easy movement of the arms and accentuate muscles. Ideal for fitness or crossfit training.

Short sleeve T-shirts

The fashionable colours of BioTechUSA men's T-shirts can really make you stand out at the gym or on a weekday. Choose from slim-fit or baggy styles, look for pieces with on-trend lettering or with BioTechUSA logo. Their soft cotton fabric is guaranteed to keep you comfortable while you're sporting.

Long sleeve t-shirts

If you prefer outdoor sports like running or cycling, long-sleeved T-shirts are a great alternative for cooler weather as well as for outdoor activities.

Tip: pair your favorite BioTechUSA t-shirt with matching men's sweatpants and sweatshirt!

What fabric to choose?

Depending on your goals, you should also consider the material of your sportswear as they have different properties.

BioTechUSA's men's T-shirts include tops made from 100% cotton which are more ideal for everyday or leisure wear. Cotton absorbs sweat but also retains it so it's recommended for less sweaty workouts.

Choose well-breathing, moisture-wicking T-shirts made from fabrics like polyester for fitness and endurance workouts. In cold weather opt for our polyester tops made with special COOLMAX® technology!

Men's training shirts from BioTechUSA

You'll find a wide selection of men's t-shirts and tank tops at BioTechUSA webshop. From sleeveless jerseys to long sleeves, you can choose from a wide range of models in special functional fabrics.

Order your training t-shirt online and avoid a long search in the shops! If you're not happy with the product you ordered, just return it and we'll refund you within 14 days!