Sports bras

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CLARA women sportbra €27,00
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CLARA women sportbra €27,00
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Sports bras

Whatever form of exercise you do, a well-chosen sports bra can make a big difference to your comfort during your workout. It is especially important for sports such as running, aerobics, dancing, where increased support may be needed but whatever other movement you are doing, proper breathability is also essential.

Why is choosing a good sports bra important?

While normal bras reduce the range of motion of the breasts during exercise by only 38%, sports bras reduce it by 75%. Sports bras are designed with a back strap to ensure proper support so they are usually equipped with cross straps that provide a strong hold.

Sport bras are not only different in shape to a regular bra, but their material and support will help you move more confidently in the gym and get the most out of your workout.

In addition to protection and free movement, another aspect is proper breathability. BioTechUSA sports bras are made of special breathable material with removable inserts for maximum comfort, but are also designed to keep up with the latest fashion.

Wide range of sports bras

BioTechUSA's sports bras are not just for extreme exercise but also for more relaxed forms of exercise. While the CLARA sports bra is one of the most popular products among fitness enthusiasts due to its wide range of colours and its easy combinability, the AXEL or EMERSON model can give a really trendy look to yoga, for example.

Tip: pair your favorite BioTechUSA sports bra with matching women's leggings or pants!

You can easily order your sports bra online, but if you're not happy with the product, just send it back and we'll refund you within 14 days!