SuperNova - 282 g

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Concentrated pre-workout formula with 12 active ingredients, sugar-free *!
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Why do we recommend Supernova?

  • active ingredients
  • Sugar-free*
  • Pre-workout powder formula based on three important and high content active ingredients
  • product with 3 different kinds of creatine
  • High caffeine content**
  • A variety of delicious flavours

*It refers to ready shakes mixed with water.

Performance, more energy, increased alertness, more concentration – all in one place, and without carbohydrates?

Nothing can stop you from pumping yours muscles and overcoming your own limitations  without an excess calorie intake! Prepare for the best training of your life with Supernova pre-workout product that can enlarge the limits of your universe! 

What does SuperNova contain? Let's see the numbers!

per serving (9.4 g powder):

  • Supernova Blend
    • 1,717 mg of beta-alanine
    • 2.020 mg L-citrulin-malate
    • 1770 mg L-arginine HCl
    • 1.145 mg taurine
    • 590 mg L-arginine-AKG
    • 10 mg niacin
    • 0. Vitamin B6
    •   mg zinc
  • 1020 mg (CreaBASE buffered creatine, creatine citrate, micronised Creatine monohydrate)
  • 200 mg caffeine**

    We recommend Supernova if you

    • are looking for a sugar-free pre-workout product
    • are a fitness competitor in the toning phase
    • do martial arts
    • prefer powders
    • want extra stimulation for your trainings**


      Recommended use

      Mix 9.4 g (1.5 measuring spoons) powder with 200ml water and take it 15 minutes before workout. We recommend the use of a shaker.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 73 reviews
      Helps a lot (Translated by Google)

      Very useful product. It helps a lot in the pre-training spin. When you are more powerful or a lusted day, you also make the motivation. (Translated by Google)

      I recommend! (Translated by Google)

      Effective, I have proven to me! What he is doing it is great: it comes to a leading moment before workout, so it can not be an obstacle to workout on full impact. :) I recommend. (Translated by Google)

      Very good (Translated by Google)

      I used to use perfectly six-weighting days.
      But I would have a question that I would run 3-4x per week 5-8 km from what do you recommend? At present, I do not want to increase crowd, but to swipe it, especially in Comb.
      Thank you in advance! (Translated by Google)

      If you do not have any problems with caffeine, Amino Energy Zero with Electrolytes drink is recommended if you want a caffeine-free product, then the EAA ZERO. (Translated by Google)

      Really Super Nova :) (Translated by Google)

      The orange manger is my favorite! For me, a half serves enough to get a spinning exercise. (Translated by Google)

      Supernova - Peaches (Translated by Google)

      It's a pleasant taste, well up. (Translated by Google)