BCAA 8:1:1 amino acid - 300 g

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Unflavoured BCAA powder of 100% purity, with an increased L-leucine content and no added carbohydrates.
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BCAAs belong to the 9 amino acids essential for the human body, which means your body is incapable of producing it itself and needs food or supplements to get these very important nutrients. BioTechUSA’s BCAA 8:1:1 contains an increased amount of leucine, the first protein building amino acid to be used by your body.

Package amount: 300 g (60 servings)

Flavour: unflavoured

Let's see the numbers

Per serving (5 g):

  • 4,000 mg L-leucine
  • 500 mg L-isoleucine
  • 500 mg L-valine

Like all BioTechUSA products, BCAA 8:1:1 consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.


Mix one serving (2 measuring spoons) with 300 ml water and drink before workout / directly after workout, added to your proteins.


L-leucine 80%, L-isoleucine 10%, L-valine 10%.

Supplement facts

Nutrition facts




5 g


4000 mg


500 mg


500 mg

The sugar free claim applies to the ready-to-drink product.

Gluten free, in accordance with European Union regulations.

Distributed by: BioTech USA Kft., 1033 Budapest, Kiscsikós köz 11, Hungary. Made in the EU.

Net weight: 250 g


Customer Reviews

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Excellent ... I have been drinking a very long time, I'm happy with the product. (Translated by Google)

Bcaa (Translated by Google)

Hello! I ordered this now. My question is to eat one of you with creatine and ISO Whey Zero ??

Coson the monster is also;) (Translated by Google)

Yes, products can be consumed together. Use creatine before training (and even mixed with the protein), BCAA before workout and the protein after workout! (Translated by Google)

Bcaa (Translated by Google)

I was random flavored, but he was imbalanced. I tried to mix with more than one, but he did not know anything. I wanted to give it to another, but as soon as he tasted, he gave it back. That's why I was forced to throw the whole thing. Was a terrible disappointment. (Translated by Google)

It is certain that it is not due to the taste, but it is not possible to wait for a delicious amino acid to be delicious! (Translated by Google)

Question (Translated by Google)

I would be interested in what the difference between this product and BCAA 8: 1: 1 Zero? I have used this latter (to my satisfaction) but I would be interested in how different it is. Thanks! (Translated by Google)

There are only the difference that Zero is flavored and the other is untapped. (Translated by Google)

M (Translated by Google)

The product is very good. It would not be bad if it existed in the refill version because there are many boxes of waste. (Translated by Google)