Diet Stack (diet support package) - 20 pack

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badge_titan_dioxid_free Titanium dioxide free
20-day slimming package for women.
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What is included in the Diet Stack?
BioTechUSA For Her Ultra Loss 20x30g
50% protein, vitamin and fiber meal replacement shake, sugar and lactose free *.

BioTechUSA For Her Mega Fat Burner
Decaffeinated formula recommended for consumption before meals.
BioTechUSA For Her Fiber Complex
Chewable tablets containing water-soluble dietary fiber (inulin) and chromium, taken before meals.
BioTechUSA For Her Nano Wave + Shaker 300 + 150ml
A gift to help you prepare portions.
* The claim relates to a ready-to-eat product diluted with water.

Why recommend the For Her Diet Stack?
We are aware that every start is difficult, especially when it comes to toning, as the key to success lies in lifestyle change. The BioTechUSA For Her Diet Stack is a 20-day starter kit designed for you to help you through perhaps the most difficult, initial stages of your diet.

The package includes three products consciously developed for women's needs from the BioTechUSA For Her product family, as well as a 300 + 150ml gift shaker (Nano Wave) to help you make them.

When to eat the Diet Stack?
30 minutes before breakfast

Mega Fat Burner (1 capsule)
Fiber Complex (2 tablets)
Ten o'clock

30 minutes before lunch

Mega Fat Burner (1 capsule)
Fiber Complex (2 tablets)
30 minutes before snack

Mega Fat Burner (1 capsule)
Fiber Complex (2 tablets)

Ultra Loss (one serving)
Be fit. Be proud.


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Diet Stack (Diet Support Package) - 20 Pak (Translated by Google)

Super! (Translated by Google)

Finally something that reduced my appetite! Very effective! (Translated by Google)


Diet Stack (Diet Support Package) - 20 Pak (Translated by Google)


Diet Stack (Diet Support Package) - 20 Pak (Translated by Google)

Super (Translated by Google)

I was with her to make an order because I had nothing to lose. In general, I gave the diets because they were 2-3 weeks, but after 2 months, it was completely unsuccessful, which made the pounds of other melters. I thought I could add some more starter kicks to the system. In addition to watching meals and a weekly 2-3 cardio training weekly, I achieved spectacular results. I am horrely grateful for this, as I finally have motivation to do why I do! :) (Translated by Google)